#501 Off Season Drama 4-15-20

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#501 Off Season Drama 4-15-20

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The 2020 NFL Season is officially back which means that we see the return of free agency, NFL trades, preparing for the NFL draft and this is all happening where most of the country (and the world) is dealing with a pandemic. What's the impact of Covid-19 to the NFL and the Seattle Seahawks? This is the Hawks Cast Podcast and we're gonna find out.

Topic #1 Has this been a typical offseason for the Seahawks and their front office?
Topic #2 Can you pay your superstar QB $35m a year and still find Superstars in Free Agency?
Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner @austinslater Ring Push-ups or Regular Push-ups? Oh and what's going on with our OLine?
Topic #4 Has the Covid-19 Pandemic changed the NFL for the 2020 season?

Over/Under 10 Signed FA's stay on the Opening Day Roster
Over/Under Clowney signs a $17.5M/yr Deal
Over/Under 1,000 tweets about when Clowney will sign
Over/Under 30.0 sacks by this 2020 Defense
Over/Under 44.5 sacks given up by this 2020 OL

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