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#512 San Francisco 49ers 10-28-20

Posted: Tue Oct 27, 2020 10:47 am
by HawksCastAdmin
Sam, Zeb and Ross relive the nightmare of losing a chance for a perfect 6-0 record as the team crumbles in all facets of this lovely game called football. There's a new week, a new opponent, a new chance for redemption and a new podcast.

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Re: #512 San Francisco 49ers 10-28-20

Posted: Wed Oct 28, 2020 10:34 pm
by HawksCastAdmin

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The Seahawks suffer their first defeat this season as they fall in OT to the Cardinals. The Seahawks had a 10-point lead going into the final minutes of the 4th quarter but the OFF couldn't convert a 3rd and short and the DEF couldn't stop a Murray-lead attack. Metcalf's play of the century will be lost to memory because the Seahawks failed to win. Now the Seahawks regroup as some key players return to practice and they face the defending NFC Champs the San Francisco 49er's. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast.

Topic #1 Who is the prime reason for our success and who is the prime reason for our first loss?
Topic #2 What's the one thing that would suddenly change the Seahawks DEF woes?
Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - The West continues to lead the NFL in divisional strength; did the Seahawks mess by losing to a divisional foe?
Topic #4 San Francisco 49er's - 49er's injuries are worse and does that mean the Seahawks should be favored in a fan-less home game?

Final Score 49ers vs. Seahawks
Who wins the T/O Game SF vs. SEA
If both Carson/Hyde are out, who leads the team in Rushing? Wilson/Homer/Dallas/Other
Best Jersey Purchase after this game Wilson/Lockett/Metcalf/Wagner/Griffin/Adams/Other
Over/Under Jason Myers FG Attempts 2.5
Over/Under Michael Dickson Punts 4.5
Over/Under Seahawks Rushing Yards 90
Over/Under SEA DEF 3-and-Outs Forced 2.5