#502 Pre-Draft 4-22-20

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#502 Pre-Draft 4-22-20

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It's finally here, the first Virtual NFL Draft will be held Thursday. Rumors have been swirling around for weeks and final roster changes are being made. The Seahawks will have seven total picks going into the draft but we all know that John refuses to leave with at least 11 picks; the FO has averaged 9.7 picks per draft in the past 10 so far. Of those 97 players drafted, 10 players have 32 Pro-Bowl Appearances and 20 All-Pro Nominations and some will end up in the Hall of Fame. This doesn't include players that the Seahawks acquired through trade/free agency that also represented the team. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast brought to you by the Hawks Cast Forum:

Topic #1 Are you ready for another unpredictable, yet predictable Pete/John Draft?
Topic #2 Do players acquired for draft picks count towards the team's draft haul?
Topic #3 Hawks Cast 2020 Mock NFL Draft (with Trades)
Topic #4 What can you expect from a virtual draft? Will this inspire future drafts?

Over/Under 10.5 Total Picks
Over/Under 3.5 Draft Day Trades
Over/Under 2.5 QBs Drafted in the NFC West
Yes/No Pete Takes his Shirt Off
Yes/No Are you going to watch the entire 1st Round
Yes/No Pundits will hate what Pete/John do

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