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#522 Los Angeles Rams 1-6-21 Wild Card Round

Posted: Mon Jan 04, 2021 11:09 pm
by HawksCastAdmin
Sam, Zeb and Ross kick off the playoffs as the NFC West Division Champs, the Seahawks, host the 2nd NFC Wild Card team, the Rams. This is the first home playoff game for the Seahawks in 4 years and it's against a familiar team but the QB maybe different as there is no confirmation on which Rams QB will take the field. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast.

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Re: #522 Los Angeles Rams 1-6-21 Wild Card Round

Posted: Wed Jan 06, 2021 10:38 pm
by HawksCastAdmin

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The playoffs return to Seattle as the Seahawks host the Rams this Saturday for the Wild Card Round. This will be the 2nd time that the Seahawks-Rams have played three-times in one season; the last time wasn't a great story for Seattle. But since then the Seahawks have been undefeated at home in the playoffs since the 2005 season. The DEF and Spec Teams have been great down the stretch but the OFF has left fans with a lot of questions. Let's get ready to rumble as this is the Hawks Cast Podast.

Topic #1 Do these 12-4 Seahawks stand above the other teams of the past with 12+ wins?
Topic #2 What does it say when our OFF looks like it can be shut down blanketing Metcalf and Wilson?
Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - If you could poach a player from each NFC West team who would you pick?
Topic #4 Los Angeles Rams - Will this match-up be different from the last two games?

Final Score Rams vs. Seahawks
Other Playoff Games Indy/Buff, TB/WSH, Balt/Tenn, Chi/NO & Cle/Pitt
Which is greater: Russ TDs or Donald Sacks
More Targets Lockett/Metcalf/Woods/Kupp
Yes/No Metcalf's Success Will Come Away from Ramsey?
Yes/No Did the Eagles tanked their last game?