#503 Post-Draft 4-29-20

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#503 Post-Draft 4-29-20

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The first NFL Virtual Draft is in the books and the Seahawks come away with 8 draft picks (one of the lowest totals in the Pete/John-era) and the Seahawks confused a lot of fans by drafting in the first round (instead of trading back) and selecting a middle-linebacker with the 27th pick overall. The draft is not over after one pick as they selected 7 more picks and traded up twice this year. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast brought to you by the Hawks Cast Forum.

Topic #1 Did you get what you want in the draft? Did the fans?
Topic #2 Who are you hitching to your rookie bandwagon?
Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - Are Pete/John actually good at the draft? Are they helped by having an all-time QB?
Topic #4 What would a shortened NFL offseason mean for the regular season?

Yes/No Clowney resigns with Seattle
Yes/No Clowney resigns deep into camp
Yes/No UDFA QB Gordon is our back-up
Yes/No TE's Jersey #'s in the 40's (41/43/45/46/84/85 available)
2019/2020 Which draft will generate the superstar

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