#504 Pre-Season 8-19-20

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#504 Pre-Season 8-19-20

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The 2020 Pre-Season has been cancelled but the Seahawks are holding a live scrimmage this Saturday (8/22) and Wednesday (8/26) for the fans to see. Seahawks fans will finally get to see their team in action when we would be neck-deep in roster positioning and depth chart analysis for our vets, rookies and new acquisitions. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast brought to you by the Hawks Cast Forum.

Topic #1 Has the impact of "no preseason" changed the way you're heading into the season?
Topic #2 Have the Seahawks done well with these huge trades leading into the season? (2020 S Adams, 2019 DE Clowney, 2017 DT Richardson & LT Brown, 2015 TE Graham, & 2013 WR Harvin)
Topic #3 Hawks Cast Corner - Is the NFC West the toughest division going into 2020?
Topic #4 Has Corona changed sports forever? Is there anything positive we can learn?

Over/Under Games Played this season 7.5
Over/Under Quarantined Seahawks 5.5
Over/Under Draft picks traded away for players 1.5
Surprise Cut Player/Position
Surprise Addition Player/Position
Best Depth Position
Worst Depth Position
Offense/Defense Who will have the advantage going into the season?

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